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Entry #1

A Squirrel is Born

2007-08-19 06:32:41 by RabidSquirrelStudios

RabidSquirrelStudios is born, and from this incredibly evil company will rise the biggest waste of time in your life. Enjoy the exciting episodes which stem from the depths of our asses.

If you vote 0, I know where you live.


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2007-09-02 22:01:55

*votes 0*

Now I'm guaranteed some company... I'm so lonely =ccc.


2008-03-03 04:24:00

nah It wasnt too bad.


2008-03-09 08:58:24

i just have to say the art is in the animation; art is not necessarily determined by how good the animation is or how well done but how much effort and skill to make it work and bind together. granted i don't really see how some people where inspired by that flash but still, if they where then they where and there is nothing we can do to change that fact. Art is almost like religion you either believe in it or not.

(Updated ) RabidSquirrelStudios responds:

Bwahahaha, art is a religion.

Anyway, art is determined by whatever I think is art. I don't think a bullet is art, and no one who practices art would. People were pretty much reviewing music.


2008-03-13 17:15:15